Witty™ 3in1 Hand-Held Broom

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Product Description

Does your back hurt too while having to broom and use the dustpan to collect the garbage?


Are you waiting for a quick equipment to help get rid of the kitchen garbage daily? 


Hey, super bored to clean the mess created around every corner?



Do not worry, introducing to you our new Witty™ 3in1 Hand-Held Broom

Why Our Witty™ 3in1 Hand-Held Broom?

  • Indian Mom's love this.
  • Works on All Hard Floors.
  • Easy to Empty the buil-in dustpan.
  • Creative technology, simple and durable.
  • Convenient! No Cords, Bags or Batteries Required!
  • High density material used.
  • Can turn 360 degrees, flexible and convenient.
  • Lightweight and Folds for Easy Storage!




Frequently Asked Question:

1. Can this broom sweep all kinds of garbage?

This broom is mainly designed for Indian households. Aimed at cleaning off the accumulated hair, grains, melon seeds, scraps of paper, rice, peanut shells, granular garbage, etc. All of these can be cleaned up. It is not a vacuum cleaner and hence cannot sweep the tiny dust.

2. Does this broom need electricity? How does it work? Does it need an installation?

This broom adopts the latest advanced technique, No Electricity, No batteries. Push it forward, it can automatically collect the trash into the garbage bin. Easy to use and no need to install.

3. Is this broom too noisy when it is working?

This broom does not have an engine. It only has the sound of the roller rolling on the ground. It is a silent tool.


Specifications :

Overall Length: 104 cm
Dust Box Capacity: 0.5L
Material: Fiber
Type: Hand Brush and Dustpan
Broom Material: Stainless Steel and Plastic


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