Foldable Laptop Desk

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Product Description
  • It is tough and flexible, can be due to different venues, different uses, different objects, such as Transformers Variety as its body. Occasion: Sofa, Carpet, Grass Lawn, Desk, Bed
  • Side of the three can be rotated 360º folding legs. The same as the lower limb has two legs, each leg has three stubs, as sub-human legs feet, legs, thighs the same
  • Product Features: This is a compact design, superb craftsmanship and user-friendly high laptop desk, the same time, it also can be used for other purposes
  • Use: Computer Desk, Drawing Board, Flower shelf. Object: Adults and children
  • Like so that T8 has the flexibility to sit, stand, kneel, squat. According to different needs, different posture, according to local conditions, just right for you. Amazing dexterity, largely due to the self-locking joints. Gently press the button, joint to the soft, you can freely adjust the angle and height, then release the button, the joint point of the hole is the same as an instant to be long term resident

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